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January 8, 2019BY Devcat ( 0 ) Comment

The most important problem for young people is to acquire good education to settle themselves in a Comfortable lifestyle. The education should not only enable them to become a good man and a good citizen but also a good bread-earner. As the number of educated persons is increasing and jobs require more specialized and professional qualifications a number of young people are facing problems of unemployment or under employment. Secondly, the society is getting more and more competitive and a cut-throat competition is going on everywhere. If they are well-educated they can complete others and acquire a comfortable and lucrative job in the free market.

Foreign qualifications and overseas education can help them a lot. They can acquire higher and specialized education in Western countries, which are highly developed in Science, Technology and Business education.

Foreign qualifications enable them to work proficiently; in comparison to locally-educated person and so they are preferred and paid higher salary in job marker. They also work-as self-employed person and can serve their country in the fields of technology, business and I.T.

It is generally understood that foreign education costs more fees and expenses. Private institutions with high standard of education in our country are also costly. In foreign countries, governments and educational institutions provide scholarships to deserving candidates. Besides, the students are also allowed part-time work to cover their educational and living expenses. They also earn while they learn. Some of the students, after completing their studies get jobs and settle there. They acquire citizenship of that country. Highly qualified or foreign educated persons also have chance to migrate to Canada. UK, USA, Australia etc.

It is true that a few renowned institutions like LUMS, IBA, ZABIST, G.I. Khan Institute are available in Pakistan but only few peoples can avail their facilities. Some universities offer medical or engineering courses on self-financing basis. Education in such universities and institutions will he as costly as education in some foreign countries. There are some universities and institutes where you can get education at low cost.

Some educational consultants provide free counseling as which university or college will suitable for you to join, in view of your choice of a course of study and your future career.

There are different procedures for admission and different rules for granting visa in every country. Every university has a separate department for international students. The eager students may contact the departments or the local representatives of these universities in their own city.

The requirement for admission to American Universities is 12 years education. Another requirement for admission in universities and colleges of UK, USA Australia is the condition of passing IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with the band required by the university concerned. Some universities or colleges may grant admission without IELTS or TOEFL but admit international students to a short foundation course to enable them to join an academic course and they test them for the short course before admitting them to the academic course. Universities in USA charge tuition fee from 12000 to 40000 US dollars per year. USA universities do not demand any deposit or tuition fee before arrival. All tuition fees must be paid after arrival.

The procedure of admission in UK universities is a little different from that of USA. First the university tests a student’s suitability for admission to course sought for. They send a letter of conditional or unconditional admission and the student is directed to fulfill the condition if the offer is conditional, such as to submit the required fees or appear in Language proficiency test. After got payment of the fee from the student university issues regular admission letter which is also called CAS. Then the student may apply to the British High Commission for granting a student visa. The student can send their visa applications through FedEx to the High Commissions working in Islamabad and Karachi. Sometimes they are granted visa without interview.

In Ireland the procedures of admission also differs from these countries. They require a student to submit fees for one year in advance before granting admission. Then a student can apply for a visa. In case a visa application is refused the university returns the fees.

For admission in Australian universities, passing IELTS examination is most important condition.

It is necessary to include all the details in your application, which are required by the visa officers.

The student should be very careful to attach all the important documents, which they consider necessary support their case. The prospective international student should also take care to collect all the available information about his course of study and about the place he is going to stay for acquiring education. After getting better education and achieving a bright future they should also remember their duty to serve their nation and country.

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